“A Sound of Thunder” Movie with “A Sound of Thunder” Lesson Plans

As I was throwing together a unit for “A Sound of Thunder,” I thought I’d check YouTube to see if they had that “Sound of Thunder” movie that came out a few years back that isn’t very good. What I found instead was pure gold (metaphoric gold, that is). Speaking of gold: This video comparison […]

Hyperbole and Tall-Tales: 10 Chuck Norris Facts for the ELA Classroom

In honor of Chuck Norris’ birthday, I give you some fine examples of hyperbole with an element of tall-tale. Chuck Norris has a vacation home on the sun. If you put a straitjacket on Chuck Norris, the straitjacket goes insane. Chuck Norris doesn’t swim, water gets out of his way. Every time Chuck Norris celebrates […]

The Ender’s Game Movie: SparkNotes on the Big Screen

I really don’t have a problem with SparkNotes. In fact, when I was preparing for my Master’s examination board, I had to review about 20 novels. Although I had read all of the novels on the list (I chose them, after all), there were some I hadn’t read for a few years. Some I reread. […]