Hyperbole and Tall-Tales: 10 Chuck Norris Facts for the ELA Classroom

In honor of Chuck Norris’ birthday, I give you some fine examples of hyperbole with an element of tall-tale.

  1. Chuck Norris has a vacation home on the sun.
  2. If you put a straitjacket on Chuck Norris, the straitjacket goes insane.
  3. Chuck Norris doesn’t swim, water gets out of his way.
  4. Every time Chuck Norris celebrates a birthday, he throws one lucky child into the sun.
  5. Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird.
  6. Chuck Norris can’t do “color by numbers” because his markers are filled with the blood of his victims.
  7. Chuck Norris’ house has no doors, only walls that he walks through.
  8. A Chuck Norris roundhouse kick is the preferred method of execution in 19 states.
  9. Chuck Norris can divide by zero.
  10. Chuck Norris once counted to infinity—twice.

Chuck Norris approves of the following ELA Common Core Lesson Plans.

If you’re looking to have some fun with Chuck Norris jokes/facts, justify it with the L 9-10.5 and 5a standard.

  • Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings.
  • Interpret figures of speech (e.g., euphemism, oxymoron) in context and analyze their role in the text.

You could also use Chuck Norris jokes/facts as examples to come up with similar facts/jokes for really awesome literary characters—Ender Wiggin, Odysseus, Lennie Smalls, Katniss Everdeen, Sanger Rainsford (you get the point). For example:

  • Ender Wiggin takes showers before he destroys his enemy with a mule kick to the face.
  • Lennie Smalls lets you punch him in the face several times to make the letdown of getting your hand crushed even more severe.

You could also use Chuck Norris jokes to introduce writing a tall-tale or to introduce this analyzing humor in literature lesson plan.

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