Halloween Short Stories not by Edgar Allan Poe

I got this letter from a former student not long ago. Dear Former Teacher You may not remember me, but I was in your class many years ago. It was Halloween. I hated Halloween. But then you came up with awesome lesson plans involving Halloween short stories that didn’t involve Edgar Allan Poe. You see, […]

“The Landlady” Movie Lesson Plan

Billy Weaver has arrived in Bath—the town in England, not the thing in your bathroom. He’s there on a work assignment from London and it’s been a rather inconvenient train ride and he just wants to get a room for the night and take care of business in the morning. Billy thinks he’s gotten lucky […]

“Lather and Nothing Else” Movie Lesson Plan

The only thing better than teaching a high interest short story is teaching a high interest short story that’s been made into a movie. I strongly advise you watch this video before you show it to your class. There is a violent scene toward the end that may be too much for some. It was […]