Logical Fallacies Lesson Plan with a Logical Fallacies Quiz (Kind of)

Here’s a logical fallacies quiz based on a real life experience. Below is a one-sided conversation I had with a student the other day. Identify the logical fallacy exemplified in each statement. “Hey Mr., You’re my favorite teacher. Will you change my grade?” (1) “Hey Mr., I’m about to cry. My poor puppy just died. […]

8 Easy Common Core Writing Lesson Plans

You ever get out of a teacher-in-service (or what teachers like to call them: A tremendous waste of tax-payer money) feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and wanting to ram your 1992 Saturn SL4 into the nearest brick wall on the way home? You ever find yourself after these aforementioned gatherings of pedantry wondering why they just don’t […]

Characterization Lesson Plan and Creative Writing Assignment: Add a Character

The following post is a little confusing if you don’t download this first. It’s one thing to teach characterization in short stories and other literary pieces. In fact, I have a nice characterization chart (at the top of the aforelinked page), which will help you teach direct and indirect characterization in literature. Getting students to […]