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Titan’s fiery wheels” (II,iii,4)


An allusion is a reference to a famous literary, historical, mythical or other well-known thing or person. The reference can be direct or indirect. In this example, “Titan’s fiery wheels” refers to the Greek sun god, Helios, who, in Greek Mythology, drove a chariot with the sun attached across the sky.

If you answered imagery, you’d also be correct. Note the use of the word “fiery.” It may foreshadow the fiery events of the upcoming day, which include the fight involving Romeo, Tybalt and Mercutio or it could be the fiery passion of the two young lovers. The unrestrained connotation of “fiery” contrasts with the magical courting of the previous night.

The story of Phaeton, which involves Helios’ chariot, is a good mythical example/analogy of what happens when one cannot control his “fieryness”.

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