Writing Lesson Plans: The Basics of Teaching Writing

Class is about to start and the school’s network just went down, which would be fine if you hadn’t saved your class presentation on the network instead of you computer hard drive.

So you decide to assign a 52-minute timed writing.

After 5 minutes 43% of the class turns in a couple sentences and takes a nap. After 10 minutes, an additional 14% turn in 3 sentences and take a nap. 5 minutes later, 23% tell you they don’t understand the requirements of the assignment. With 19 minutes left in class, those who decided to make an effort turn in some of the most poorly organized writing you’ve ever not read.

Oh, and the server won’t be back up until next Tuesday.

You can avoid this with the simple planning steps I discuss in this video.

Here’s the link to the lesson plan collection I mention in this video: Complete Lesson Plan Collection

This video is part of the lesson plan breakthrough free course you can access here.

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