Short Story Lesson Plans Made Simple: How to Create a Short Story Unit (Video)

Remember that time you decided to teach a short story and all you could think of doing was read the story and have students answer the questions?

I do.

It involved 20 minutes of reading, 10 minutes of students hurrying through a set of questions they put no thought into, and 22 minutes of me praying for a fire drill.

It’s because of moments like this I dedicated myself to the craft of good lesson plan writing. Better plans make better teachers.

This video goes over the steps I follow to create short story units that engage students, force them to think critically, reduce my stress, and allow me to go home on time.

Here’s the link I promised to share with you in the video: The Short Story Unit Collection.

This video is part of the lesson plan breakthrough free course you can access here.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your short story lessons! I am so excited to use them in my English classes. I am currently teaching Homer’s The Odyssey, and we will definitely be using the Hero’s Journey tasks to enhance the lesson. I truly appreciate you sharing these with me.

  2. Trenton Lorcher says:

    Thank you, Elizabeth. The hero’s journey is one of my favorite, most engaging lessons. Let me know how it goes.