Summer Movie Series: “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”

Looking for a way to help students understand “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.” Try showing “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” movie. It was originally made as a Twilight Zone episode.

It just might be the finest movie ever created from a short story. Then again, it might not. I’ll let you decide.

Oh, if you’re looking for more lesson plans for “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” here you go.

Don’t get hung up on how to make this video useful,check out this video review lesson plan. Here’s a graphic organizer: Template Literary Interpretation T-Chart. At the very least, write one of these standards on the board.

  • RL.9-10.7 – Analyze the representation of a subject or a key scene in two different artistic mediums, including what is emphasized or absent in each treatment.
  • RL.11-12.7 – Analyze multiple interpretations of a story, drama, or poem (e.g., recorded or live production of a play or recorded novel or poetry), evaluating how each version interprets the source text.


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