32 National Poetry Month Lesson Plans

I'm not sure when National Poetry Month became a thing, but it is. And I'm glad. If you feel April is a great time for teaching poetry and you need some poetry lesson plans or poetry teaching ideas, you are in the right … [Read more...]

Emily Dickinson’s Love Poems: An Analysis of Emily Dickinson’s Poems about Love

I love football, chainsaws, boxing, dogs, and wrestling. I am, in short, a man's man. That doesn't mean, however, that I don't read and appreciate love poems by Emily Dickinson.Although there is no one meaning for most … [Read more...]

Emily Dickinson’s Death Poems: An Analysis of Emily Dickinson Poems about Death

One major theme in Emily Dickinson's poems is death. Here is a look at several Emily Dickinson's poems exploring death with my own analysis and commentary on specific poems. Don't forget to check out the Emily Dickinson … [Read more...]

Emily Dickinson’s Nature Poems: An Analysis of Selected Emily Dickinson Poems about Nature

I will attempt to explain Emily Dickinson's poems--her nature poems, not all of them, just a few. It is reasonable that you may have a conflicting interpretation. I'm OK with that. If you're going to complain, however, make … [Read more...]

An Analysis of Selected Emily Dickinson Poems

I've compiled an analysis of Emily Dickinson poems to help you get started teaching. Here's a link to some lesson ideas for teaching Emily Dickinson. Quick Lesson Plan Here’s a little something I threw together to make your … [Read more...]

Emily Dickinson Quotes: 6 Quotes from the Poems of Emily Dickinson

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“Wild Nights – Wild Nights!” A Poem by Emily Dickinson Lesson Plan for National Poetry Month

If your idea of a wild night involves reviewing poetry lesson plans, then get a life. If you need a quick poem that might grab the attention of teenagers and a nifty lesson plan to go with it, get this lesson … [Read more...]