A Handy Chart for Teaching Conflict in Literature

I like to experience ElaCommonCoreLessonPlans.com from the view of an outsider. In fact, I often use the site’s search function to remind me of great lesson ideas I’ve done in the past. So just the other day, I typed in “Teaching Conflict in Literature,” and I found great ideas, but nothing that would strike me as ready-to-use, teacher-friendly.

The wolves erased any evidence of my involvement.

As punishment I went into the forest with my enemy during a storm and stood under a tree, hoping it would fall on me while marauding wolves lurked nearby. Luckily, I realized I should just create a Teaching Conflict in Literature chart (below) instead and post it for all to use.

So I did. The good news is my enemy, to whom I forgot to text the change of plans, went to the tree and got crushed.

Long story short: I made a chart for teaching conflict in literature for “The Interlopers,” which I immediately included as part of my super-duper-ready-to-use Interlopers Unit Guide that includes a summary, analysis, lesson plans, graphic organizers, an essay rubric, charm and wit, a quiz, and a copy of the story, and probably more amazingly awesome stuff that I don’t even remember.

Get the Understanding Conflict chart here.

  1. Understanding Conflict in the Interlopers Chart. This is a generic chart made in MS Word so you can edit it accordingly, although you may not need to. The example provided comes from “The Interlopers.”
  2. Interlopers Conflict. This is a free sample from “The Interlopers” Teacher’s Guide. It’s a pdf file that includes a student chart specifically tailored to “The Interlopers,” along with a completed chart I filled out myself.
  3. Interlopers Teacher’s Guide. This is the actual unit. It includes
  • A brief summary and analysis of the story
  • Lesson plans and graphic organizers relating to theme, conflict, suspense, irony, and Naturalism
  • Answer keys for the above with discussion points for the teacher
  • Lessons on writing a literary analysis with a literary analysis essay rubric
  • A quiz that allows students to demonstrate mastery of numerous common core reading standards
  • A copy of the story

Ever feel like you’re stuck under a tree having your face eaten by wolves trying to come up with short story lesson plans? “The Interlopers” Teaching Guide contains lesson plans, graphic organizer handouts with answer keys, essay rubrics, a summary and analysis of the story, discussion ideas, a quiz, and more. Lessons focus on irony, theme, suspense, conflict, Naturalism, literary analysis, and more.

Those fancy shmancy book publishers would charge you 5 times as much and it would be about half as useful. You know what I'm talking about. Sometimes I wonder who exactly the text book companies have in mind when they come up with their materials. Lucky for you, I'm a real teacher in a real classroom teaching these lessons to real kids.



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