What to Do Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

You are what you eat.

At ELA Common Core Lesson Plans, we care about you. That’s why I went away from the standard lesson plan post to give you some advice to stay healthy for the holidays.

The three weeks between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break are mostly enjoyable. Teachers are rested up from “No School November” and have a 2-week break for Christmas and New Year. There is, however, something that threatens your effectiveness. It’s called holiday food. For that reason, I’m going to share some tips on how to avoid the annual weight gain.

Control your emotions. Holiday eating is more emotional than physical. It’s nigh impossible to turn off the good feelings brought about during the holidays, and I don’t recommend it. What I do recommend is being aware of the role emotions play. A conscious eater is a better eater.

Be inconsistent. Normally, the key to successful health maintenance or weight loss involves eating good, consistently. Over the holidays, however, you may want to employ another strategy: eating bad, inconsistently. Make it a rule not to have two bad meals in a row or two bad days in a row. That way, after gorging on a bucket of chocolate (not recommended), you can get ready for your snack of kale and carrots.

Use a friend. I have been known to eat uncontrollably at holiday gatherings. My wife and I came up with a plan before attending a Christmas gala last year. The deal was that whoever ate a cookie at the party would have to eat an entire box of cookies and a bag of Hershey’s Kisses when we got home. No matter how much we wanted a chocolate chip cookie that night, neither of us wanted to eat an entire box. Of course, the point here isn’t to threaten your spouse with a box of cookies (that could backfire). The point is to enlist someone who can help.

Pace yourself. There are three weeks of school until Christmas break and a few days of vacation before Christmas. There’s no need to start enjoying holiday treats immediately after the calendar turns to December.

Exercise. This is a no-brainer. If you already exercise regularly, great. If not, start now. Use the same rule for exercise that you use for eating. Never miss two days in a row.

Eat good stuff first. By good stuff, I don’t mean cookies, cakes, and brownies good stuff. I mean vegetables, fruits, natural supplements and other healthy food stuff.

Take care of yourself during the holidays.


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