Valentine’s Day Love Poems and Lesson Plans

I will now list the three most annoying days of the school year:

1. The first day
2. September
3. Valentine’s Day

Unfortunately, Valentine’s day falls on a Thursday this year, which gives students 4 days to to send balloons, cheap flowers, teddy bears that will be thrown out by President’s Day, and a bazillion class interruptions from campus clubs who cater to chicken teenage boys who aren’t willing to man up and actually talk to a girl and instead sends her some lame Valentine-o-gram with a $6-candy bar.

But I digress…

Regardless of the annoyances attributable to Valentine’s Day and the shenanigans caused by teenage crushes, we must do our best at educating these young and frisky scholars.

You can either fight it or trick them into learning with some good old-fashioned Valentine’s Day love poems.

All you need for holiday classroom success during the second week of February can be found by following the link.

Apparently, I blogged about this topic last year at this time. Feel free to read this highly entertaining post.

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