Teaching The Scarlet Letter: Puritan Video Resources

So what are you doing this weekend? Since I’m teaching The Scarlet Letter soon, I thought I’d throw together some print and video resources on the Puritans. Then maybe I’ll party like Dimmesdale at the young abandoned wives society social afterward.

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The concepts of moral limitations leaves many young scholars scratching their heads. After all, what’s the big deal about a girl hooking up with her minister? OK, maybe they’ll recognize that hooking up with one’s minister could be a bit scandalous–but more for the minister than the girl.

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When teaching The Scarlet Letter, you might want to use these Puritan video and print resources to emphasize how the Puritans viewed adultery–Hester was technically married, after all–and just how serious the Puritans would consider such a scandal.

(After writing this, I realize that a married woman hooking up with her ecclesiastical leader would be scandalous even today. It wouldn’t be illegal; nor would it subject the woman to punishment.)

Before we get to The Scarlet Letter Puritan Video Resources, I’ll throw in a couple of print resources I found online. I did not create these, but I use them. In fact, my colleague shared them with  me long before I knew they were online.

Teaching The Scarlet Letter: Puritan Video Resources

As far as  presenting a compelling tale, the History Channel has few dramatic rivals.


This next video includes a goodly amount of unintentional humor. Your students (and you) will make fun of it. It does, however, contain enough straightforward information in a short enough amount of time that you may put it on a list of Teaching The Scarlet Letter resources.


This one gives an account of the original settlers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.


This one claims to be the “REAL Story” of the Puritan’s journey to America. OK.

I’m not sure who Mr. Shea is or where he teaches, but he made this semi-boring, quirky, informative video.

This 3-minute documentary captures the mood and atmosphere of The Scarlet Letter.


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