Of Mice and Men Chapter Summaries with Lesson Plan

These chapter summaries from Of Mice and Men free your brain from having to figure out what happens and allows it to examine why it happens. Each Of Mice and Men chapter summary¬† will help you discuss the novel intelligently. Of Mice and Men Chapter 1 Summary Setting: An Edenic riverbed in rural California Characters: […]

Teaching The Scarlet Letter: Puritan Video Resources

So what are you doing this weekend? Since I’m teaching The Scarlet Letter soon, I thought I’d throw together some print and video resources on the Puritans. Then maybe I’ll party like Dimmesdale at the young abandoned wives society social¬†afterward. The concepts of moral limitations leaves many young scholars scratching their heads. After all, what’s […]

10 Activities and Lesson Plans for Of Mice and Men

They had walked in single file down the path, and even in the open one stayed behind the other. Both were dressed in school administrator skirts and in school administrator coats with brass buttons. Both carried black, shapeless binders and both carried a string of red pens slung over their shoulders. The first administrator was […]