Start of the Year Time Saving Tips for Teachers: Read This During Your Next Meeting

This was originally posted a few years ago at the start of the school year. I think it works for the beginning of the actual year, too. A Cautionary Tale about Teacher Time Management Ms. Needtogetready had been working hard during the two days of “teacher instruction” leading up to the start of the new […]

Trent’s Teacher Tips: The Best Thing You Can Do in May to Reduce Stress and Enjoy Summer

The year’s almost over, but before you know it the next one’s beginning. Here’s a quick recap: Go to your filing cabinet or files on your computer where you keep your lesson plans. Take out all the handouts you used for the first month of school. Grab a copy of the ones that you intend […]

First Year Teacher Tips: How to not Want to Drive Your Car into the Side of a Building

My first year teaching was nearly 20 years ago. And although I’ve suppressed many of the horrors that accompanied it, I get uncontrollable tremors from time to time. If only I had first year teacher tips like these, I wouldn’t have wanted to drive my 1992 Saturn into the side of the school every morning…and […]