Another Nevada Day Tribute

There are many ironies involving Nevada Day, so I’ll start by providing an Analyzing Irony in Literature graphic organizer that you can use with these literary works with examples of irony.


The only bright spot of living in Reno is their university’s football team is usually better. Not anymore!

Now on to the irony of Nevada Day

But before I get to that, here’s the only fact you need to know about Nevada Day: It’s October 31.

And the irony is that Nevada Day is celebrated (unofficially) by everyone in the entire state going to California for the long weekend and wondering why the hell they live in Nevada when it’s so much nicer at the beach.

That’s what I did. You’ve probably noticed that this is being written nearly a week after Nevada Day. That’s because I headed to the beach with my family on October 29 and didn’t return until Monday night.

And most Nevadans don’t like each other. Citizens of Northern Nevada have a huge inferiority complex, constantly comparing themselves to citizens of Southern Nevada.

Reason for English teachers to celebrate Nevada Day

So until next year, Happy Nevada Day!

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