Montresor’s Revenge in “The Cask of Amontillado”

While you were trying to figure out exactly why Montresor was so upset with Fortunato, Montresor was monomaniacally plotting revenge. Here’s a step by step account of his perfect revenge. Prepares and plans everything in advance Acts kindly toward the victim Finds the perfect time Identifies the victim’s weakness Establishes an alibi Persuades the victim […]

Nevada Schools Worst in Nation at Giving Students Chance for Success

For many teachers in the Silver State, constantly being told that your state is the worst in education can be somewhat demoralizing, so as yet another report comes out about how crappy Nevada’s schools are, there’s bound to be a lot of hemming and hawing, quick fixes that don’t work, and the general throwing of […]

A Quick and Easy Common Core Writing Assignment

My good friend and award winning yearbook editor Bill Tobler hounded me for about six weeks over some silly writing assignment he wanted my students to do for inclusion in this year’s edition of the FHS yearbook. He gave me the forms back in September. I immediately placed them in my “get to later” basket […]