The Hero’s Journey Resource Page

Use these resources to complete the assignment on the Hero’s Journey in anticipation of reading The Odyssey.

Step 1: Watch this video on the Hero’s Journey. Fill out this attached notes page as you watch. You can print it out and write the notes or you can type the notes and then print it out. If you don’t have a printer, type in the notes, save it to a flash drive and bring it to class.

Step 2: Go to the Think/Read/Write website. Follow the instructions. You must have access to a printer in order to save your work and complete your assignment. If you do not have a printer, simply write or type the categories and answers by hand. It’s a pain, so it’s worth the inconvenience of finding a computer with a printer (in the library, for example). That’s what I did with my example below. You are going to go through the interactive hero’s journey twice.

  1. On the first time through, use information from a movie you’ve seen or a book you’ve read. Excellent examples include Harry Potter, Star Wars, Ender’s Game, The Hunger Games and Finding Nemo. Here’s a sample from Ender’s Game: Ender Wiggin Hero
  2. On the second time through, create your own story. These will serve as the notes for a narrative you will write.
  3. Bring both printouts to class.

Step 3: Remember the notes you took on the hero’s journey from step 1? Remember the hero you created in step 2? You’re going to need both of those to finish step 3 in class. First we will discuss the hero’s journey, then we will apply the hero’s journey to books and movies you’re familiar with. Then you will get a chance to bring your hero to life. Even though Step 3 will be done in class, you still need to do Steps 4 and 5 below. In the meantime, enjoy this incredibly scary picture of Ender Wiggin.

Step 4: Be prepared to discuss the following questions when you come to class.

  1. Why do you think the hero’s journey is a universal theme in stories from just about every period of history and just about every culture?
  2. Can you think of examples from your personal life where the hero’s journey might apply?
  3. In what ways are heroes today the same and different from specific heroes of literature and history?

Step 5: Don’t forget to comment on at least one of these questions using the Google Docs link I’ve provided.

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