“Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Short Story Assignment

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Video Creation Assignment

Create a 25-30-second** video scene for “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” To demonstrate mastery (and achieve the highest grade possible), your assignment must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Your video must begin and end with Mitty in real life. This only needs to be a second or two.
  • Your video must contain a Mitty type adventure.
  • Your scene and scene transitions should be consistent with the short story

**GoAnimate only allows up to 30 seconds per video on their free membership. Whatever you do, don’t pay the $39.99 for a membership just to get a good grade on this assignment. Make sure when you choose the theme for your movie that it’s a free theme**

Grading The Video

Let’s grade the video, according to the assignment requirements.

  1. Does the video last 25-30 seconds? Yes, it’s exactly 30 seconds.
  2. Does the video begin and end with Mitty in real life? Yes.
  3. Is the scene consistent with the Walter Mitty character in the short story? Yes.
  4. Does it add interest to the story’s presentation, effectively use digital media, demonstrate an understanding of Thurber’s time manipulations, and use narrative techniques effectively? Yes.

Planning A Scene

Secret Life of Walter Mitty Lesson Plans

Stop daydreaming about great lesson plans. Make great “Secret Life of Walter Mitty” lesson plans a reality.

When you read the story, you (hopefully) filled out the chart with the weighted balloons and answered the two questions. Let that be your guide when creating your scene. If you’re struggling for an idea, try one of these.

  • Mitty as president
  • Mitty as military hero
  • Mitty as the guy who saves orphans from burning buildings
  • Mitty scoring the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl
  • Mitty skateboarding down a volcano right before it erupts
  • Mitty as a school teacher who takes a humdrum class and turns it into a wonderland of digital learning

The options are endless. Connect with your inner Mitty and imagine something great.

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