Easy Research Paper Lesson Plan

I once made a research paper due one week before the end of the grading period. I sat down to grade them. After the first one, I cried.  After the second one I cut myself. After the third one I swore I'd rather eat razors and … [Read more...]

Add a Character Writing Assignment Lesson Plan

As Mrs. Cantwaitfortheschoolyeartoend approached her classroom, she realized she had no lesson plan for the day. When she heard the principal Mr. Likestofire would be visiting her that morning, she started to panic, ran down … [Read more...]

Lesson of the Day: The Greatest Creative Writing Lesson Plan Ever?!?!

I had just finished my "8 Simple Writing Lesson Plans" Teacher Guide when I came upon this gem of an Internet lesson plan: The greatest creative writing activity ever!!!I was skeptical.After all, everything on the … [Read more...]

8 Easy Common Core Writing Lesson Plans

You ever get out of a teacher-in-service (or what teachers like to call them: A tremendous waste of tax-payer money) feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and wanting to ram your 1992 Saturn SL4 into the nearest brick wall on the … [Read more...]

Critical Analysis Paragraph Assignment: How to Write a Rhetorical Precis

You could skip reading all this and just download this teacher and student ready handout: Writing a Rhetorical Precis.It's part of this 8 simple writing assignments blog post. Or you can just skip that link and buy it … [Read more...]

Common Core Lesson Plan: Easy Research Assignment Using Google Docs

Normally by the last month of the school year, I end the day by crawling in the corner, lying in the fetal position, and sucking my thumb for a few hours.The end of last school year went much better because I created this … [Read more...]

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Lessons of the Day: How to Write a Paragraph

You swore in your sadness/wrath that you would help your students learn the valuable skill of paragraph writing. Now's the time to make good on that promise. You'll find excellent lesson plans on paragraph writing linked at … [Read more...]

Lesson of the Day: Using Literary Quotations for Writing Assignments

A couple posts ago, I shared a simple and useful writing assignment involving thematic quotations, not necessarily connected to literature. Let's take a look at an assignment using quotes from specific pieces of … [Read more...]