Hope for Cleveland Browns Fans: A (Very) Creative Writing Assignment

**This post originally appeared on December 11, 2015 when it seemed as though things could not get worse for my beloved Browns. But they did. As the Super Bowl approaches, it’s time to bring it back. This is an optional assignment. Students who do it can use it to replace a missed assignment later in […]

11 Writing Prompts for High School That Will Actually Inspire Kids to Write

I had just assigned the Greatest Creative Writing Assignment EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I was feeling really good about myself. I even painted a picture of my face on the William Shakespeare statue in the cafeteria. Then the next day came. I had no more creative writing prompts for high school students that didn’t suck. In a panic, […]

Lesson Plans for The Odyssey: Day One

Teaching The Odyssey brings much joy to my heart. In addition to being a great story, it also signals the end of another school year. I’ve been teaching Homer’s epic for more than a decade. That’s anywhere from 3-6 periods per day. After doing a little math, I calculated that I’ve read/taught The Odyssey around […]