Resources for The Odyssey: Island of the Lotus Eaters

Next on our Odyssey odyssey is the “Island of the Lotus Eaters.” Here we have some resources for teaching the Island of the Lotus Eaters from The Odyssey. Lesson Plan Procedures for Teaching “Island of the Lotus Eaters” from The Odyssey Read the excerpt on the “Lotus Eaters” contained in your anthologized text book. It’s […]

The Odyssey Lesson Plans: Trump Calls Cruz a Trojan Horse

According to Fox News Donald Trump called Ted Cruz “worse than a puppet— he is a Trojan horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from Mr. Trump.” Why do I bring this up? Because today in my very class we read, discussed, listened to, and watched different versions of The […]

Myth Lesson Plans: The Hero’s Journey and Perseus

Start off with something you can use in your classroom right now: Perseus’s Hero’s Journey Handout This is day 5 of The Odyssey lesson plans. For those who’ve been following the odyssey of The Odyssey Unit, you may be wondering what happened to days 3 and 4. We’ll just say things happen. Day 1 actually […]