Literary Quote of the Day: “Don’t Be a Bindle Stiff”

The first time I read chapter 5 of Of Mice and Men I was on a stationary bike at Gold’s Gym. When Lennie broke Curley’s Wife’s neck, I had to stop, walk outside, and collect myself. Today’s literary quote of the day comes from Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. Intro Music Crooks sees a lot. […]

Teaching Of Mice and Men without Offending Everyone

I love Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. I’ve taught it for several years. The novel’s harsh language does present some problems. The Lord’s name is used in vain 26 times. There are 41 additional instances of Deity being referenced as a curse word. The N-word appears 16 times. The word for a female dog shows […]

Of Mice and Men Characters with Of Mice and Men Character Analysis

These Of Mice and Men characters are important. Look here! I won’t be totally offended if you just snag this Characterization-Chart and move on your merry way. Any Of Mice and Men character analysis should begin with these. Main Characters from Of Mice and Men Learn about George, Lennie and other characters. George is a small, quick-witted, […]