Most Dangerous Game Short Story Lesson Plan: How to Introduce a Short Story

Every painstaking movement of the second hand on the round 1970s style clock in the front of the classroom deepened the soul-destroying angst in Mr. Nocontext’s being. Mr. Jobkiller, the school’s new principal, had come to observe. And the short story lesson plan for the “Most Dangerous Game” wasn’t going well. The lesson itself wasn’t […]

9 High Interest Short Stories for High School Students

Get a ton of short story for high school students (and middle school students) lesson plans right here. An Occurrence at Owl Creek High School A man stood upon a teacher desk in northern Alabama, looking down into the not so swift students twenty feet below. The teacher’s hands were behind his back, the wrists […]

The Super Bowl of Hunting and “The Most Dangerous Game” Lesson Plan

I’m just going to give you the lesson plan before you start reading: “The Most Dangerous Game”: The Super Bowl of Hunting This doesn’t have to be a “Most Dangerous Game” essay lesson plan. It can be “Most Dangerous Game” analysis lesson plan or simply a “Most Dangerous Game” discussion lesson plan. It’s up to you. […]