Characterization Lesson Plan and Creative Writing Assignment: Add a Character

The following post is a little confusing if you don’t download this first. It’s one thing to teach characterization in short stories and other literary pieces. In fact, I have a nice characterization chart (at the top of the aforelinked page), which will help you teach direct and indirect characterization in literature. Getting students to […]

Point of View Lesson Plans and Five More Short Stories for Teaching Point of View in Literature

My “Secret Life of Walter Mitty” lesson plans were a big hit. The world’s greatest teachers came from throughout the world to congratulate me. Then I dusted off some point of view lesson plans I borrowed from the guy who’d been teaching since 1972 but refused to retire. It was a disaster. Nobody learned a […]

The Giver Lesson Plans and Activities

Mr. Jonas reached the opposite side of the school courtyard, stopped briefly, and looked back. The classroom where his entire career had been lived lay behind him now, sleeping. At dawn, the orderly, disciplined lesson plans he had always known would continue again, without him. The lesson plans where nothing was ever unexpected. Or inconvenient. […]