7 Scarlet Letter Lesson Plan for High School That Will Get You Fired

The Scarlet Letter is better suited for college reading. That didn't stop my 10th grade teacher from teaching it to me; nor did it stop her from affixing a giant scarlet 'F' on my paper. I foolishly tried teaching it one year … [Read more...]

A Book Report Lesson Plan for Poetry

Remember the last time you assigned a book report and you got 273 book reports with the exact words: "I read ________. I liked some parts. I didn't like some parts. Here is my book report" in the introduction followed by a … [Read more...]

Collaborative Learning Activity for Busy Teachers

I had the day planned out. Give my write a multiple choice quiz test review assignment and sit in the front of the room and grade papers. Then I heard the new administrator was prowling the halls looking for teachers to … [Read more...]

An Update on the Monkey’s Paw Re-emergence

Those of you who read my blog on a regular basis (all four of you (it used to be five, but my dad died)) know two things: (1) Don't mess with Ender Wiggin! (2) Don't mess with the monkey's … [Read more...]

First Week of School Activity or a Creative Book Report Any Time of Year

An opening of school lesson plan tale for the ages. Or you could just scroll to the bottom and download the handout and PowerPoint. "I have a great first week of school activity!" shouted Mr. 1973. "I can assign a 29-page … [Read more...]

Lesson Plans for The Odyssey: Alternative Book Report for Becoming the World’s Greatest Epic Hero or Heroine

I had just finished teaching The Odyssey. I nailed it with my Odyssey teaching unit, which covered just about every common core objective your local politician and lawyer and school administrator and college professor and … [Read more...]