Captain Irony to the Rescue: Teaching Irony with a Short Video

Captain IronyYou’re probably thinking I write about irony a lot. You’re probably referring to my list of short stories for teaching irony or my “Five additional Stories for Teaching Irony” blog post or “7 Short Stories with a Twist” blog post..

This blog post about irony is different. It’s a short video about irony. It’s a couple minutes long and highly entertaining. It makes for a good introduction for teaching an oft misunderstood literary term.

Although it would be ironic if I had a blog post advertising a short video teaching irony and then show a video that teaches irony incorrectly, that’s not what I’ve done.

You’ll also get a visit from Captain Literally, the Nuclear Ninja, and the Good and Well duo. Enjoy.

Oh, it looks like they’ve added a Captain Irony skit. The Grammar Avengers invite you to watch.




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