Point of View Lesson Plans and Five More Short Stories for Teaching Point of View in Literature

My “Secret Life of Walter Mitty” lesson plans were a big hit. The world’s greatest teachers came from throughout the world to congratulate me. Then I dusted off some point of view lesson plans I borrowed from the guy who’d been teaching since 1972 but refused to retire.

It was a disaster.

Nobody learned a thing from these dusty point of view lesson plans. Disgraced, I dug out a rusty stapler and started riveting my eyelids to the filing cabinet. It was then that Mrs. Mitty appeared, handed me short stories for teaching point of view lesson plans, ripped my face from my eyelids (which hung languidly in front of my Of Mice and Men file drawer), and went on her merry way.

I will now share a portion with you.

Here’s the handout you can use for the described assignment. My feelings won’t even be hurt if you download it, use it immediately, and come back another time to read the rest of this great blog post.

Point of View Lesson Plan

Point of View in Literature Defined

Point of View Lesson Plans