Black Cat Lesson Plan for Teaching Suspense

Teaching Suspense in “The Black Cat”

If you know someone who doesn’t like Edgar Allan Poe, make fun of him; then, check out this lesson plan about teaching suspense using “The Black Cat”.

An Unsolved Murder

My dad liked teaching suspense. When I was 4-years-old, he’d turn off the lights, hide behind the couch, and scare me as I walked by. One day, I was carrying an axe up the cellar stairs. He thought he’d do the old “teaching suspense by hiding behind the couch, turning off the lights, and scaring my son” trick. That’s when I buried the axe into his skull. I then drained his blood, chopped him up, and buried him under the floor boards of my bedroom. Don’t tell my Mom. She thinks the old guy ran off with the woman down the street who also disappeared (I walled her up in the catacombs under my house).

Teaching ‘The Black Cat” reminded me of those incidents.

Don’t Do a Thing Until You Download this Suspense in “The Black Cat” Graphic Organizer:  Suspense in “The Black Cat”

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