How to Plan and Teach a Novel

Remember that time you decided to teach a novel and all you could think of doing was read for 52 minutes for several consecutive days.I do.It involved 6 minutes of reading and 46 minutes of reading to snoring … [Read more...]

“The Open Boat” Lesson Plans, Summary, and Analysis

I'll save you the trouble of scrolling. Here's the pdf download lesson plan and graphic organizer: Setting and Plot in The Open Boat. You can still read this awesome post, but make sure you get something you can use right now … [Read more...]

“The Raven” Lesson Plans: Quotes for Writing a Literary Criticism of “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe

I had just taught some great "The Raven" lesson plans and felt pretty good about myself, so good in fact, that I grew a Poe-like mustache and began wandering the halls during my prep with a giant black bird on my … [Read more...]

I Hear My Lesson Plan Book Singing: Walt Whitman Lesson Plans

I remember the first set of Walt Whitman Lesson Plans I used. They were given to me by Mr. DrillandKill. It was more like "I Hear America Yawning" in my classroom and "Beat! Beat! Drums" followed by me beating my head with a … [Read more...]

“Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” Analysis and Lesson Plan on Poetic Form

Dylan Thomas's "Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night" is one of the most oft read poems in the English language. A YouTube search alone produces a myriad of readings.In fact, here's Dylan Thomas himself reading his … [Read more...]

Start of the Year Time Saving Tips for Teachers: Read This During Your Next Meeting

A Cautionary Tale about Teacher Time Management Ms. Needtogetready had been working hard during the two days of "teacher instruction" leading up to the start of the new school year. Then she realized—seconds before her … [Read more...]

Lesson Plans for The Odyssey: I Am Odysseus!

Hey, I'm not gonna waste your time rehashing the hero's journey lesson plan, which I do on day 2 of my lesson plans for the Odyssey unit. Instead, I'll link you to the original post.I do have a special treat, … [Read more...]

A Quick Lesson Plan for Teaching Point of View in Literature

(Here's a handout for the point of view lesson plan explained below.)The new principal, MsRunYouOff, is about to observe your classroom. From her point of view, the current staff represents long fingernails, ready to be … [Read more...]

“Good” and “Well” are Different: Introductory Video

The Grammar Avengers have arrived.In this episode, The Good and Well Duo kick people in the face. It's a fun video to introduce your class to "good" vs "well" duo … [Read more...]

Captain Irony to the Rescue: Teaching Irony with a Short Video

You're probably thinking I write about irony a lot. You're probably referring to my list of short stories for teaching irony or my "Five additional Stories for Teaching Irony" blog post or "7 Short Stories with a Twist" blog … [Read more...]