19 Popular Poems Taught in High School Lesson Plans

Remember the first time you taught a poem to your high school English class? If you’re like me, it went something like this:

Me: Read poem (30 seconds) followed by an open-ended question, something like “What do you think of this poem?” followed by 30 seconds of silence.

Students fiddle.

Me (in a frustrated tone): Doesn’t anyone have any thing to say about this poem?

Smarta$$ Student (hand raised in the air): No.

End of Lesson.

48 minutes of busy work mixed with chaos.

A few poemless years later, I created poetry lesson plans using popular poems taught in high school. I’ll share a few with you before I get to my list of poems.

  1. Poetry Analysis and Annotation with Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” This forms the foundation for analyzing poetry.
  2. Speed Poetry Analysis with Any Poem. Best taught after students have a basic understanding on how to analyze and annotate a poem.
  3. Sound Devices in Poetry (PDF download).

Now, on to my list of popular poems taught in high school.

Popular Poems for High School Lesson Plans