“A Sound of Thunder” Movie with “A Sound of Thunder” Lesson Plans

As I was throwing together a unit for "A Sound of Thunder," I thought I'd check YouTube to see if they had that "Sound of Thunder" movie that came out a few years back that wasn't very good.What I found instead was pure … [Read more...]

Why Wikipedia is not a Valid Research Paper Resource


Look, I'm not one of those Wikipedia haters. For regular folk like me looking for regular information as a starting point, Wikipedia's not bad. It should not, however, be taken for a reputable source when it comes to serious … [Read more...]

5 Yogi Berra Quotes for the ELA Classroom

Yogi Berra turned 90 yesterday. For those of you who don't know who Yogi Berra is, I don't have time to explain. What I do have time to explain is related lesson plans. Making decisions. I like to bust out a decision making … [Read more...]

Characterization Lesson Plan Chart

So I was looking for a lesson on characterization on my own site the other day. I found some good ones, but nothing that I could just print out and use.I couldn't help feel that I had totally let down my colleagues from … [Read more...]

A Handy Chart for Teaching Conflict in Literature

I like to experience ElaCommonCoreLessonPlans.com from the view of an outsider. In fact, I often use the site's search function to remind me of great lesson ideas I've done in the past. So just the other day, I typed in … [Read more...]

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day

I just graded 79 research papers. I'm in a dark, dark place right now. … [Read more...]

Things Teachers Do: The 5 Stupidest Lesson Ideas Ever!


In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day (May 5) and as a memorial to the great Moe Howard (Three Stooges), who died on May 4, 1975, I bring you "The 5 Stupidest Lesson Ideas Ever," all of which I have actually done in … [Read more...]

Cyclops Lesson Plan for The Odyssey


My administrator came in to my classroom the other day and inquired about my "Cyclops Lesson Plan for The Odyssey.""You're not upset about the kid's eye I poked out doing a reenactment, are you?" I inquired."Oh no, … [Read more...]

Easy Research Paper Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan for Research Paper

I once made a research paper due one week before the end of the grading period. I sat down to grade them. After the first one, I cried.  After the second one I cut myself. After the third one I swore I'd rather eat razors and … [Read more...]

Lesson Plan of the Day: Why and How to Take Cornell Notes

Because she's dead I won't mention her name. Actually she might have been dead when she was my teacher. She was my World History teacher in 9th grade and happens to be the worst teacher I've ever had. That's 12 years of … [Read more...]