Mark Twain Quotes

I went to Virginia City this past summer. Virginia City is an Old West mining town about 45 minutes from Lake Tahoe. Although I strongly recommend you spend a week in Tahoe this summer, Virginia City is kind of lame.It … [Read more...]

Romeo and Juliet Activities: Queen Mab and her Entourage

Mercutio gives one of the great descriptive monologues in all of Shakespeare with his ridiculing of dreams and his description of Queen Mab.(Feel free to stop reading now and download the Queen Mab Wanted Poster … [Read more...]

Getting Comfortable with Timed Essays: Tips for Timed Writing

My mind raced as I stared at the blank page in front of me. I raised my hand, "Mr. Pontoon, I'm feeling sick. Can I go to the nurse?""No," he replied abruptly. "Darn!" I thought, "I just wasted 15 seconds with that ploy, … [Read more...]

Romeo and Juliet Assignments: Scene Summaries and Dialectical Journals

Two classrooms both alike in dignity.In fair Verona High School where is our scene.From ancient drudge--break to student learning.Where lesson plans make civil brains real keen.I whipped that sonnetic quatrain … [Read more...]

Another Nevada Day Tribute

There are many ironies involving Nevada Day, so I'll start by providing an Analyzing Irony in Literature graphic organizer that you can use with these literary works with examples of irony.Now on to the irony of Nevada … [Read more...]

Halloween Short Stories not by Edgar Allan Poe

I got this letter from a former student not long ago. Dear Former TeacherYou may not remember me, but I was in your class many years ago. It was Halloween. I hated Halloween. But then you came up with awesome lesson … [Read more...]

Characterization Lesson Plan and Creative Writing Assignment: Add a Character

It's one thing to teach characterization in short stories and other literary pieces. In fact, I have a nice characterization chart (at the top of the aforelinked page), which will help you teach direct and indirect … [Read more...]

The Monkey’s Paw Strikes Again

A lost portion of "The Monkey's Paw" manuscript has been recovered from a basement in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It helps explain some of the oddities which have recently taken place in the state.Here is the portion that … [Read more...]

Julius Caesar Summary Worksheets

Just throwing together some stuff for teaching Julius Caesar. It's been a while, so I had to take a look at my Julius Caesar summary--scene by scene. I also created Julius Caesar summary worksheets/graphic organizers to help … [Read more...]

Conflict in Literature: 7 Great Short Story Upsets

In honor of the Rhinos 2-0 upset victory in the parks and rec U10 soccer league, I bring you the seven greatest upsets in literature.Before we get to our list of the greatest short story upsets of all time, I want to make … [Read more...]